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“Empowering Women One Outfit At a Time”  

Velenzia is an online platform guided by two individuals full of compassion and empathy for others. Having both experienced and struggled with body image and confidence, Velenzia’s goal and mission is to provide a supportive and uplifting platform, all while putting women in clothes they feel good about wearing. 


A true 2019 love story.. Elissa and Sophie met online through a social media platform. What started out as a model/boss relationship soon grew into a strong friendship and even stronger business marriage. Their passions, personalities and values aligned almost immediately which has been the forefront and driving force of Velenzia today.


Sophie is Velenzia’s creator, invisioner and die hard shopper. Sophie was born and raised in a small town on Vancouver Island until she found a new home in Fort McMurray, Alberta. She worked hard for many years to accomplish a Bachelor's Degree in Business and a Diploma in Fashion Marketing. Sophie’s passions involve helping others, graphic design, styling, and food (big foodie). If she’s not working hard on the business, Sophie can be found shopping, lounging or brunching with her girlfriends.


Grew up in the small Northern community of Chetwynd, British Columbia. At 16 years old she left her family and community to live with her Grandmother outside of Barrie, Ontario. After appearing as the Sunshine Girl, in the Toronto Sun, offers to represent international brands as a promotional model, led to landing several international calendars sold world-wide. Working with Brands such as Zebra Publishing Studios, Budweiser, Virgin Mobile, Monster, Molson Canadian, ect… This gave Elissa her first crack as an Entrepreneur and an independent contractor. After spending a few years on the Toronto modelling scene the dark side of the industry became very prevalent. Sexual harassment, body image shaming, self esteem issues,  manipulation, people using and abusing their positions was shockingly, culturally accepted, before the large social movement of “ME TOO”, came on the scene.

After leaving Toronto and the modelling industry behind, Elissa pursued a Legal Education at the Donald School of Business. Upon Graduation, she married her soul mate and relocated permanently to Fort McMurray, Alberta in 2015. At this time the economic state of Alberta and Fort McMurray was dire. Landing a job after graduation was like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Then came the 2016 wildfire. Canada's 2nd most costliest disaster in history. After 6 months of evacuation and a standing, but damaged home, Elissa moved back to Fort McMurray with her husband, where they opted to repair their home themselves. After a lot of hard, dirty, and really smelly work and a few extra insurance bucks left in her pocket, Elissa decided to roll up her entrepreneurial sleeves again, to fight back against the culture she left behind in Toronto. Armed with the mission to empower women, one outfit at a time and most importantly the desire to build a platform and culture of positivity where women could work together in fashion, to bring a new light to the industry through modern e-commerce.